Walking on Lava

Film & Audio Published April 10, 2017

This is a talk I gave at Schumacher College in March 2017, with my Dark Mountain co-founder Dougald Hine, in which we talk about the state of the environmental movement in the age of Brexit and Trump.



  • sandro78

    But the general picture, certainly, is that this march of the monoculture is going on. How long it will go on for, in the face of climate change and peak oil and all the other things that we all talk about is a moot point, but certainly we can see what direction we re moving in at the moment. Yet we labour under this illusion that if we can come up with the right plan we can sort things out, and we can t. Once you accept that, you walk off into this strange wilderness in which you re not in control of things. I m exploring this territory in which we re faced with an enormous change in the way that we live and an enormous change in all the assumptions that we base our lives on, and we can t really get a grip on where things are going. It s an unsure place to be. I think we need to have a lot more honesty about exploring those unsure places that we re finding ourselves in. We re moving into this age of really radical change and collapse and we ve no idea where we re going to be going or how we can keep a grip on the way that we live.

    • Caelan


      Just think of it as more of a permanent trip to the cottage that has no electricity or running water. ‘u^

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