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Film & Audio Published December 20, 2018


Irrelevant headline notwithstanding, this is quite a nice documentary made by the Dutch TV company VPRO, themed around my essay collection Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist. It looks at this moment in time and my personal perspectives on where we are and where we’re going.


  • Declan O' Mahony

    Excellent doc …..from a fellow recovering enviro activist and doc film maker living in Ireland
    This carries superb truths and great realism which can truly help current generations of concerned and confused people … THANK YOU FOR CRAFTING THIS

    Declan O Mahony

  • Bradford Nelson Bray

    I am a recovering Lutheran (Christian, E.L.C.A., U.S.A.) minister. Appreciate my first time hearing about you today. I am a visual person, so appreciated the video. We have seen in history (and still do) what “religious” persons, powers and nations have done to destroy anything and anyone they deem necessary to do. Therefore my reticence to anything that smells religious and/or “sacred.” However, I totally agree with your assessment on the place, value and dynamic of “relationship” between the human animals and nature (which, of course, we are entirely inter-dependent with). Somehow there needs to be some established social norm by which humanity can agree and, more importantly, live by. A form of International Human Rights that is replaced by a The Rights of Earth (inclusive of the human species). I am no more awed by religious language or narrative. Indeed, the Bible itself is a very anti-nature book. Seriously. Science, however, especially the biological sciences, continue to awe me in the FACTS of our inter-dependence, our intrinsic relationship, with EVERYTHING. Fungus is just one example.

    I think there has to be some awakening to the reality that we are, quite literally, ONE with nature and cosmos. I believe fear to be a big factor in denying or remaining intentionally ignorant of our reality. Fear of not surviving, hence the start of planting and corralling enough to survive (rather than the less confident gathering/hunting). Then the need to protect (again, out of fear) that planting/corralling that becomes business and/or Lord’s Manor and the rest, as they say, is history.

    I am not sure how to self identify myself anymore. I guess perhaps, a secular Buddhist in some form, certainly a cynic in the sense of always asking a piercing question into self bias and other bias.

    Take care, be safe. Thank you for your sharing and contribution to the human conversation of questions with a lot of bad answers and a few good ones. Peace.

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