Paul Kingsnorth


From the moors of northern England to the cities of Western Europe, the poplars of the Thames to the sands of the Nevada desert, the poems in Kidland rise from ancient landscapes to confront a society in denial about its relationship with nature, memory and destiny.


’There’s a plainness of speech here, a seriousness, a raw first-handedness in intent.’ - Mario Petrucci

‘I am blown away by Kidland. It is extraordinary.’ - Jay Griffiths

‘There are shades of Ted Hughes in some of these poems.’ – Eyewear

Kidland is my debut poetry collection. It engages with deep nature at a level which sometimes makes even me feel uncomfortable, because it is a conscious attempt to step outside of the human bubble and view the world as it might seem from another vantage point. In this, it has echoes of the call for ‘Uncivilised writing’ that we have issued over at the Dark Mountain Project

Structurally the book is built around a long narrative poem set in the Kidland forest of Northumberland, which is bound about by two clutches of shorter poems. I can’t say much more about the book here; poetry ought to speak for itself. You can read some of it by clicking the link below.

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