Buying One No

This is a book about anti-capitalism, so for your own sake you should at least gesture towards buying it in an anti-capitalist way. Here are three options, depending on your personality.

1. ‘I love supporting small, local businesses rooted in my community!’ Good for you. You can find your local bookshop here.

2. ‘I’d like to buy your radical book from an appropriately radical bookshop.’ Splendid: try this one.

3. ‘I don’t care about capitalism, nature, social justice or whether cute puppies die. Just give me the book cheap and quick!’ Fine: here’s Amazon.

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  • Jerry

    I recently did some work for acquaintances at their home. It was the first time I had entered their abode. On the walls were the stuffed heads of dozens of sundry mega-fauna. The house was home to three canines. They were docile critters who seemed to live for the commands of their owners. One canine reposed on a pillow next to the fireplace the entire time I was there. I imagined these people had butchered animal parts in their refrigerators, but I didn’t verify this. While I performed by work, I thought about the different ways humans use animals and the different values we assign to them. Obviously, the docile canines were cherished in some perverse way, while the wall-mounted animals were condemned, as were the animals whose butchered body parts remained chilled in a box. I also thought about the movement by canine lovers to provide “grass-fed” beef to their fur babies. I thought, Wow, our species actually condones the annual killing of billions of critters fated to be fed to our preferred and privileged pets.

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