‘Much in contemporary thought is made up of myths masquerading as facts, and it is refreshing to see these myths identified as such … This slim pamphlet aims to demolish contemporary beliefs about progress, industrialism and the place of human beings on the planet, and up to a point it succeeds.’

John Gray, New Statesman

‘It may be the most honest attempt at literature we’ve seen.’
Sharon Astyk

‘Dark Mountain is a radical project, and a brilliant one, capable of opening your eyes in the encircling twilight.’ Journal of Wild Culture






Uncivilisation marks a break between what I was writing before and what I have written since. My previous two books had been deliberately accessible works of political journalism brought out by mainstream publishers. This was a radical artistic manifesto, co-written with someone I barely knew and self-published via online crowdfunding. Yet it may have had a bigger impact than anything else I’ve written.

Uncivilisation was a call for a type of writing that I wasn’t seeing much of in our literary and journalistic cultures: writing which acted as if we were living in the world as it is, rather than as we would like it to be. Writing that was open-eyed about humanity’s destruction of the Earth and the depleted future we are creating, but which did not respond to these things with polemic or hysteria, false hope or apocalyptic longing, but instead with a cool-headed attempt to engage with the myths we have created around our civilisation.

Uncivilisation was the founding manifesto of the Dark Mountain Project, an international network of radical writers and artists. You can read more about Dark Mountain here.

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