Film & Audio

A few of the films and recordings that have been made of my work, or in which I’ve featured over the years.

Talking about Savage Gods

August 17, 2019 In June 2019 I had a conversation in a converted church in rural Dorset with the writer Charles Foster about…

Recovering Environmentalist

December 20, 2018   Irrelevant headline notwithstanding, this is quite a nice documentary made by the Dutch TV company VPRO, themed around my…

A Sharon Blackie podcast

August 11, 2018 A conversation with writer and mythologist Sharon Blackie about place, belonging, not belonging, writing and strange old stories. The Hedge…

The Beauty of Things

September 13, 2017 On poetry, beauty and endings. A talk given at Tor House, former home of the Californian poet Robinson Jeffers, one of the inspirations for the Dark Mountain Project.

A Washington conversation

August 11, 2017 A talk, with readings, I gave in the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington DC in August 2017, about my books 'Beast' and 'Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist.'

A chat with Dominic Frisby

June 8, 2017 I chat to the writer and comedian Dominic Frisby about capitalism, Facebook, George Orwell, the Anglo-Saxons, internet mobs, anarchism and how to sell books.

Walking on Lava

April 10, 2017 I talk with my Dark Mountain co-founder Dougald Hine about the state of the environmental movement in the age of Brexit and Trump.

The Wake

August 27, 2014 I read from my novel The Wake at the shortlist gathering for the 2014 Goldsmiths Prize.

Five Years on a Mountain

June 25, 2014 I talk with my Dark Mountain Project co-founder Dougald Hine about the first five years of the Dark Mountain Project.

The Myth of Progress

October 11, 2013 A conversation from 2013, on the ‘Legalise Freedom’ web radio channel, on the myth of progress, the inevitability of collapse,…