The best place in the World

June 20, 2009

A short journey through the secrets and wonders of the upper Thames.

Bring back the English Resistance

June 1, 2009

English history is too often represented, even today, as a pageant of lords and nobles, wars and conquests. But there is another history.

Forget St George – let’s celebrate Wat Tyler’s Day

April 18, 2009

Time for the English to dig into their history and find some new heroes.

Singing for their supper

April 16, 2009

Three men are walking the length and breadth of Britain, singing as they go.

A line in the green sand

February 1, 2009

Renewable mega-projects that trash landscapes may be low-carbon – but they’re not green.

Will the real England please stand up?

April 10, 2008

A summary of my book ‘Real England’, written as a feature for the Daily Telegraph.


May 28, 2007

A review of the book about Oxford’s Cowley Road by James Attlee

Local Heroes

January 10, 2007

A conversation with Sue Clifford and Angela King of Common Ground; the most influential environmental campaign group you’ve never heard of

Still waters run Deep

November 1, 2006

A very big power company versus a very small group of local nature lovers. And for once, the result is a good one.

Making Globalization Work

September 14, 2006

A review of the strangely-deflating book by economist Joseph Stiglitz

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