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  • I’ve produced a lot of words over the last two decades. This is not an archive of all of them, but you might call it the edited highlights.

    It includes reportage from Britain and the wider world, book reviews, interviews, debates, talks and other ephemera, culled from Fleet Street papers, magazines, books, the programmes of plays, websites and more.

    Some time ago I also put together some advice for writers, and thoughts on the writing life.

    The journalism of attachment

    August 26, 1999

    The text of a talk on campaigning journalism which I was invited to give to the annual conference of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists in Bogota, Colombia, in 1999

    Life Beyond the Motorway

    January 17, 1998

    The best bits of Britain are the parts the motorways don’t reach.

    Twyford Down: five years on

    January 17, 1998

    Looking back on Britain’s first road protest.