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  • Carol Hunter

    I heartily chime with your politics and am also a Zen student.. Thank you for Beast which I’m re-reading having just read it too fast and greedily.

  • Wayne Sturgeon

    I have been working on a project Albion Awake! since the early 90s which has gone through three different incarnations involving trying to bring together a synthesis of the English radical tradition, Christian Anarchism and British Esoteric ecological counter cultural movements. This climaxed in the limited publication of a book entitled “Albion awake! Mystical Anarchism and the National Quest for an Alternative Britain.” I no longer have a blog only a FB page to develope this current but am inspired to learn of what i regard as better abled initiatives. I really wish you every success.

  • Jeni Parsons aka havantaclu

    Thank you for your work. I’ve recently joined the Dark Mountain readership, and want to thank everyone involved in it – at last I’ve found a group that’s talking, writing and illustrating the concerns with which I’ve lived for the last fifty-five years (I’m now 70). One day I hope I’ll write something that’s publishable.
    Living as I do, in the suburbs of a satellite town, where most of the familiar things and places are being discounted, I’m hoping, within the next two or three years, to return to my roots in the countryside of the Welsh border.
    Peace and love,

  • Jennifer Leighton

    Thank you. I am a trauma therapist among other things. Looking the beast in the face is the only way. Your writing is sublime.

  • sonia

    Impressive Being… a lovely stumble upon… I look forward to perusing your musings. Yes.


    Kingsnorth, novelist, commentator and co-founder of The Dark Mountain project, articulates a new vision that he calls dark ecology, which stands firmly in opposition to the belief that technology can save us, and argues for a renewed balance between the human and nonhuman worlds.

  • Victor Postnikov

    Hi, Paul, had long been thinking of writing you and expressing my solidarity with your work. Reading your latest about your retreat to rural Ireland, I thought that I must attempt something similar in rural Ukraine. The problem is that I’m not that young and my children have grown and fled. But interesting things happen. It is as if your mind is being cleared of all unnecessary things (internet, etc), and you begin to acknowledge freedom and tranquility. Also, survival triggers creativity and strength. Your psyche undergoes total transformation. The only problem is that sometimes I need communication with the like-minded people. That’s why I’m writing. – Best of luck, V.

  • Cami Davis

    Thank you from Vermont, US! Looking forward to what comes along.

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