My poems have been published in various little magazines over the years. In 2012 I won the Wenlock Prize, and reached the shortlist for the Wells Festival Prize. In the past, I have won the BBC Wildlife Poet of the Year Award and the Poetry Life Prize.

I think I would happily see my non-fiction books go out of print if, in exchange, I could write one truly great poem that would stand the test of time. Greatness, though, is not really the point. Neither is publication. Truth is the point; truth and a sense of connection to something larger than myself; to the Source, if you like.

Most of these poems are taken from Kidland, my debut collection, which was published in 2011. You can read more about that on this page. Others are from my second collection, Songs from the Blue River, which will be out in 2017.

Vodadahue Mountain
Then we will go to Europe
Atlantic low
The Tower

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  • Steve C

    I like the fine, faintly kinetic modern lines put to a truly indigenous power of hinterland. Finer than Hughes then, but sharing in common a cross letter balance between modern and timeless element, but more, escaping the indifference to change. An element of prophet was always part of the truly landed person.

    If that sounds pretentious, apologies. When I read lines I like I tend to get a bit drunk.

    Paul is a writer with a vision that should be more widely spotlit. Linked with others in the wilderness of today.

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