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Writers have never earned much money. It’s part of the deal.

It’s our own fault, of course – we choose this life, and it has its compensations. People enjoy reading some of what I write, continue to buy my books, and sometimes send me nice emails about them. I’m not complaining.

Still, it isn’t always easy to make a living. Payment for books, talks and articles is irregular, usually fairly meagre and sometimes non-existent. So if you like what I do, and you are able help me keep doing it, making a small donation would help keep my spirits up and enable me to keep thinking, reading and writing. I’m always very grateful for any tips that are sent my way, of whatever size, and I always spend them wisely, on things like pens, ink cartridges, slim volumes of poetry, web hosting bills and bags of crisps.

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  • Nicole Langlois

    Dear Paul,

    I have a conundrum. I would like to send you a small contribution to your work (very small, believe me), but PayPal and I don’t have an easy relationship: it never allows me to change my password, and we go around in an endless loop that leaves me frustrated and dejected, and you without my wee donation. Is there any other means by which I might send you this little gift? I so enjoy your work, and want you to have more money for crisps for the holidays.

    Thank you,
    Nicole Langlois (Canada)

    • Dear Nicole,

      I have only just spotted your note. How kind: thanks, and I quite understand the Paypal reluctance. If you drop me an email via the ‘contact’ page we can certainly sort something out. Many thanks again for your support.


  • Sally McGuire

    hi, I don’t do Paypal either but I am buying up your books as fast as possible, now that I know they exist. (The Wendell Berry one is great, btw.) My local bookstore orders them for me. I decided some years ago that you were one of the finest essay writers on the planet after reading the Orion essay on windpower: it said everything I thought, and more, and a lot better too. Presumably it is included in the Faber book “Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist”. I’ll see if I can sign up for the monthly posts that you mention. Many thanks.

  • V. Amarnath

    I have another problem. The same with contributing to Dark Mountain. I want to pay by credit card. In the billing address it asks me to choose a county. It does not allow me to enter my state in the US.
    If you send a mailing address, I can send a cheque.

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