Paul Kingsnorth

The Tip Jar

Writers have never earned much money. It’s part of the deal.


It’s our own fault, of course – we choose this life, and it has its compensations. People enjoy reading some of what I write, continue to buy my books, and sometimes send me nice emails about them. I’m not complaining.

Still, it isn’t always easy to make a living. Payment for books, talks and articles is irregular, usually fairly meagre and sometimes non-existent. So if you like what I do, and you are able help me keep doing it, making a small donation would help relieve my semi-regular financial panics, keep my spirits up and enable me to keep thinking, reading and writing. I’m always enormously grateful for any tips that are sent my way, of whatever size, and I always spend them very wisely, on things like pens, ink cartridges, slim volumes of poetry, web hosting bills and cheap pies.

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