Paul Kingsnorth

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Beast Beast

’A novel that will grip you in its jaws and refuse to let go.’
Big Issue

wake pb copy The Wake

“A literary triumph.”
The Guardian

kidland Kidland

“I am blown away by Kidland. It is extraordinary.”
Jay Griffiths

manifesto Uncivilisation

“This unique initiative may challenge your way of thinking.”
Huffington Post

real_england Real England

“A watershed study, a crucially important book.”
The Independent

oneno One No, Many Yeses

“Accessible, impassioned and persuasive.”

Paul Kingsnorth Welcome to my website. In these dusty e-stacks I store essays, books, poetry, strange maps, scrappy jottings, diaries and other yellowing papers. Enjoy rummaging.



Beast, my second novel, is the tale of Edward Buckmaster, a man alone on a west-country moor. What he has left behind we don’t yet know; what he faces is an existential battle with himself, the elements and with something he begins to see in the margins of his vision: some creature that is tracking him, the pursuit of which will become an obsession.

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