Paul Kingsnorth

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‘Nobody would write a book if they were not in search of paradise, and nobody would be in search of paradise unless they believed it might exist somewhere.’

Savage Gods. June 2019.


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  • Talking about Savage Gods Film & Audio | 17 August 2019 In June 2019 I had a conversation in a converted church in rural Dorset with the writer Charles Foster about my book Savage Gods, and the themes it circles around – nature, culture, roots, the sacred, silence and more. It was recorded, and this is the podcast.
  • The Language of the Master Essays | 26 May 2019 What defines a human? What is the essence of what we are? Perhaps it is the ability, and the desire, to ask questions like that. At some level, the ‘culture’ inhabited by people like us – people who read, who write, who think, who worry, who accept these questions as valid – is a culture…
  • Life vs The Machine Essays | 27 April 2019 I was in the local pub with my friend Mark. We meet every Tuesday night in this tiny village in the west of Ireland to drink Guinness and play chess. I usually lose. As we played, the oversize TV on the wall began broadcasting the nightly news bulletin. The first item was the death of…
  • Recovering Environmentalist Film & Audio | 20 December 2018   Irrelevant headline notwithstanding, this is quite a nice documentary made by the Dutch TV company VPRO, themed around my essay collection Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist. It looks at this moment in time and my personal perspectives on where we are and where we’re going.
  • The Great Work Essays | 18 November 2018 One night, many years ago, I was visited in a dream by a figure I had never seen before and do not want to see again. Back then I rarely remembered my dreams, but I remembered this one. More than a decade on, it is still vivid. the clouds is blaec torrs and around these…
  • A Sharon Blackie podcast Film & Audio | 11 August 2018 A conversation with writer and mythologist Sharon Blackie about place, belonging, not belonging, writing and strange old stories. The Hedge School Podcast: Paul Kingsnorth  

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